Modular Vise -SVF SERIES (SVF)
Modular Vise -SVF SERIES (SVF) width=
SVF vise is a flexile and high efficiency for production product. There are also some special jaw such like serrated jaw, step jaw, soft jaw, V jaw for the application. Including length 50/72/100mm and one or two way clamping. Customized size is acceptable!

Leave Industrial offers the perfect solution for any machining or fabrication project with our Modular Vise. This heavy-duty workholding solution is designed to meet the specific needs of a variety of projects, with an impressive range of versatile features. Our patented design allows for easy and quick part changes without having to readjust the setup. The fully-adjustable central support and swiveling capabilities provide incredible versatility, as well as incredible lateral and angular accuracy. It can also be used with a wide range of materials, from aluminum to steel.

We take pride in the quality and durability of our Modular Vise. Constructed from high-quality raw materials, this resilient tool can take all the wear and tear of heavy-duty use. With its hard-coated aluminum body, your vise will stand up to even the most intense projects. For added reliability, our Modular Vise features a powerful locking system that ensures precise clamping positions.

The Modular Vise from Leave Industrial guarantees an exceptional performance. It is ideal for worldwide agents, anyone who needs precision and high-quality performance for their machining and fabrication projects. This user-friendly tool is easy to install, set up, and use, and it comes with removable steel supports for convenient capability. Check out the Modular Vise from Leave Industrial and make your machining and fabrication projects a breeze!



Aerospace Industry

LEAVE can produce customized fixtures for special shapes used in aerospace technology.

In the aerospace industry, precision and accuracy are paramount. Every component, from turbine blades to landing gear, must meet rigorous standards for quality and safety. This is where LEAVE Industrial Co., Ltd., a leading manufacturer of CNC fixtures, jaws, and tombstones in Taiwan, comes into play.

Aerospace manufacturing often involves complex machining processes to produce intricate parts with tight tolerances. To ensure these components are machined accurately, they need to be securely held in place during the machining process. This is where CNC fixtures, jaws, and tombstones from LEAVE Industrial prove invaluable.

LEAVE Industrial offers a range of CNC fixtures, jaws, and tombstones designed to meet the specific demands of the aerospace industry:

1. CNC Fixtures: These devices hold the workpiece securely in place during machining. LEAVE's CNC fixtures are designed to accommodate a wide range of component sizes and shapes, ensuring a firm grip for precise machining without damaging the workpiece.

2. CNC Jaws: Used in conjunction with a CNC lathe or turning center, CNC jaws from LEAVE Industrial provide a secure grip on the workpiece, allowing for accurate turning operations. They are particularly useful for machining round or cylindrical aerospace components, such as engine parts or landing gear components.

3. CNC Tombstones: Also known as fixture towers, CNC tombstones from LEAVE Industrial allow for multiple workpieces to be mounted and machined simultaneously. This can significantly increase machining efficiency, a critical factor in the high-volume production environment of the aerospace industry.

In conclusion, LEAVE Industrial Co., Ltd.'s CNC fixtures, jaws, and tombstones play a vital role in aerospace manufacturing, enhancing precision, efficiency, and flexibility. By investing in these high-quality workholding solutions, aerospace manufacturers can ensure their operations are as accurate, efficient, and cost-effective as possible.

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We are pleased to present our latest catalogue of COMPLETE WORK HOLDING PRODUCTS.

We have included many new items that have been thoroughly engineered and tested.

Besides our standard products, we can custom fabricate: Tooling columns, Angle plates, Sub plates
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